Liquid Accidents with my Cowhide Rug

April 26, 2016

Liquid Accidents with my Cowhide Rug

Today I would like to share a story where you could think your cowhide is totally ruined.

I have a friend that lives in a floods area. One day, it rained all day and night while he and his family were on a road trip during the entire weekend. You can imagine the scene when he returned to his home. Everything that was on the floor was partially wet. Sofas, coffee table, TV stand and of course, his beautiful cowhide rug was actually soaked.

He knew what to do with everything that was wet, called the furniture cleaning guys, put the coffee table and TV stand out in the sun but, was not sure about what to do with the Cowhide rug. Hence, he called me, his cowhide rug expert friend!

If this ever happens to you, do not panic! Cowhide rugs are very resistant and easy to take care of.

  1. If your cowhide rug is fully soaked, put it over a fence with the flesh side (the back side of the cowhide) facing up for 1-2 days. Depending on how sunny is it might take 1 or even 2 days more.
  2. Do not leave it until it is fully dry, so make sure you check your cowhide every 10 hours.
  3. When you feel that the flesh side is slightly wet, turn it over.
  4. While your cowhide rug is laid on the fence brush it thoroughly, especially the edges of the cowhide to avoid it curls.
  5. Touch the flesh side again, is it feels just moist? Then it is time to laid down your cowhide on a flat surface BUT not under the sun, laid it under a covered area with good ventilation. And do not forget to brush it a couple of times more while on the floor.

One or Two days of your cowhide being laid on the floor it should be ready to put it back where it belongs, your beautiful room!

As I explained before in another article, good quality cowhides should not have bad smell, not even after a situation like this. If you follow the above instructions and have days with nice sun, your cowhide rug will return to its original appearance.

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Do not forget to share your comments or concerns about your cowhide rug, we will gladly help you with it.

Joseph V.

Cowhide Rugs Expert

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