Some myths about Cowhides

April 22, 2016

Some myths about Cowhides

We constantly receive inquiries from our customers about how bad a cowhide would smell, if cows are killed for their skin, or how resistant they are. These concerns are totally valid.

Well, today I would like to share some facts about cowhides that will definitely clear the above mentioned concerns.

  1. Do cowhides smell bad? Yes and no. A cowhide is a natural product, it is actually a real animal skin and hence, its natural smell might be too strong for some people. Nevertheless, if a tannery uses good tanning products and there is high quality control implemented like we have at Decohides, be assured that your cowhide will have a nice natural leather odor no matter what weather do you live in.
  2. Are cows killed for their skin? Absolutely not! Cows are raised for dairy products and meat. It does not sound as a beautiful practice specially if you are a vegetarian, but that is the true. Cattle is raised up to some age (usually 1 year when they reach 1.000 pounds weight) and then sacrificed (well, the right term is slaughtered) for meat. Their skin is a sub-product that tanneries collect from slaughterhouses and treat properly to produce leather or in our case, cowhide rugs.
  3. How resistant can a cowhide rug be? Cowhide rugs can be very resistant. Take a look at a leather garment (ie: your jacket) or your vehicle upholstery or that nice leather sofa in your living room.  They all come from the same animal, cows. Of course, cowhide rugs are laid in the floor, people will step on it, so a fair care must be taken, like regular vacuuming, brushing and cleaning . Good tanning processes will guaranty a soft and shine hair, good smell AND also, a strong adherence of the hair to the skin, so look for thouse properties in your cowhide rug.

I hope this short article clears your doubts on cowhide rugs. If you have any other concerns before buying, please feel free to write to us with your questions, we will gladly do our best to answer them properly.

Joseph V.

Cowhide Rugs Expert

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