How to Clean Your Cowhide

January 20, 2016

How to Clean Your Cowhide

It is possible to include the cowhide rug into a normal cleaning routine you follow for other amenities such as furniture, pillows, decoration items, etc. Simple vacuum cleaning with a reduced power ideal for rug setting with the head of the vacuum brush tilted down is the best way to clean them. This method also yields the rugs and cushions a shake to remove excess dust and small dry particles within the rug. Care to be exerted in rotating the rug to a different position and location periodically, so that it withstands wear and tear evenly. Alternatively, the rugs can also be cleaned with a damp cloth in the direction of the hair with mild soap and water. Never try to clean them with a washing machine or let them on dry cleaning and do not soak the rug for an extended period.

Hard plastic bristle brush or a broom can also help in brushing the hair in the rug to help them keep soft and fluffy, and also removes hard particles trapped in the hard. Spills on rugs can never be avoided and for common spills such as tea, coffee, soup, wine, and food, try to soak up the spill as early as possible with a sponge or a paper towel and try removing solid spills with the hard plastic bristle brush with a scraping movement, remember to perform all cleaning actions in the direction of the hair. And add a final flavor to the cleaning process using damp sponge with mild soap.

Remember to perform the final cleaning process with 5% diluted vinegar in 95% water to balance the pH level after vigorous cleaning with soap and water. This also keeps a check on unpleasant odor from originating within the rug.

Vacuum your Cowhide Rug

For more strong stains made of grease, fat, lipstick and chewing gum, it is essential to clean the rug with Eucalyptus oil after initial scraping off of the solid waste from the rug through blunt edge of the knife. The oil can be applied directly on the affected area through a soft cloth, and wiped off with a damp sponge, and cleaning can be performed in any vigorous manner in any direction with pH balanced at the end.

Precautions on drying the rug includes hanging them under direct sun on sunny days with the underside of the rug facing the sun and once dried, they are to be stored in a dry and fresh place, preferably rolled with a cotton sheet to avoid dust and dirt accumulation during storage. To avoid deterioration of color and texture, it is also essential to spray colorless nubuck spray from the shoe cobbler to enhance its life and shelf period during storage. Sprays can also be performed every time after cleaning the rug with soap and water.

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