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It´s huge the types of Cowhide Rugs to decor your spaces nowadays, just with elegance and style and in Decohides, we want to show you some of these so you can enjoy its versatility.


Animal Prints - Awesome types of Cowhide Rugs

Recently, the Cowhide Rugs are made of exotic animal prints and mimic wild animals such as Tiger, Zebra, Leopard, Giraffe, etc. These have varying patterns and typical background color for each type.


Animal prints Cowhide Rugs are the best fit for the large areas. Also, you can use these types of Cowhide Rugs as draping and wall hangings and as throws for upholstery.


Calf hides

To add a western or a country ranch look and enhancements to the interior décor, Calf hides are the perfect fit. In fact, they are also upholder by many people for their uniqueness as no calves are twins.


Patchwork cowhide rug

It is also possible by some eminent interior decorators to create a patchwork Cowhide Rug for interior areas without following its traditional shape and texture.


This is of much use when the typical Cowhide Shape won’t fit in a large area or under a table or a large lounge. Many people prefer these patchwork Cowhide Rugs to escape from its natural wavy and curvy shape.


They can also frame perfect interior décor for wall covering and for upholstery applications. This is due to as they are available in any specified color and size.


Definitively, this is one of the most beautiful types of Cowhide Rugs designs.


Dyed Cowhide

Recent innovation with Cowhide Rugs is their beauty enhancements with colored dyes. They are available with a clean solid pattern with vibrant colors to add sophistication, style and elegance to your entire house interior.


Final Words

As you could see, there are many types of Cowhide Rugs.


In essence, these handpicked and meticulously examined Cowhide Rugs are manufactured with utmost care and concern before they are shipped to Decohides clients.


Usually, natural patches on the hairs of these rugs are a normal process of manufacturing the rug. 


On the other hand, it entirely lies with the customer to enjoy its aesthetic benefits and beauty by caring for it in the prescribed manner.



“To create an interior, the designer must develop an overall concept and stick to it. “ – Albert Hadley




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