How to fix the Cowhide Rug curling edges - Decohides

One of the questions that my customers ask when we are at the trade shows showing our cowhide products is about the Cowhide Rug curling edges.


Last winter at our trade show season, we reviewed all the questions we received on our showrooms on how to fix Cowhide Rug curling edges. First of all, I have to explain why this happens to a Cowhide Rug.


The tanning process is very important to produce a high-quality Cowhide Rug. Specifically, in this process, we use various types of products to ensure every Cowhide is an excellent floor accent for a high-end room. Nevertheless, if the products and the processes are not followed rigorously, then we will have problems with the product. For example, the Cowhide could have a strong smell, could not be soft and the hair will not shine.


For the reasons I described before, it is really important that you buy Cowhide just form recognized brands. Especially, brands that had have incorporated quality assurance processes to produce Cowhides just like Decohides.


But if you already bought a rug and have the problem of Cowhide Rug curling edges or if the hair is not shining, I will teach you how to make it looks beautiful by yourself at home.


Cowhide Rug curling edges – How to fix it

Certainly, I present a solution to turn your Cowhide Rug curling edges into a new flat Cowhide Rug without spending money. Although it is not the best option now it's your only option.


  1. First of all, take the best scissors you have it at home and turn your Cowhide on the backside.
  2. Now, make a line with a pen in the edges that is curly and try to make a nice shape following the same line of the border but taking away the curly edge.
  3. Then use the scissors to cut the edges following the line you made with the pen. Don't be afraid to cut it, this will make it looks better.


Make the hair beautiful – Decohides Tip

  1. To fix it, you need to go to the supermarket and have to buy skin oil and a spray empty bottle.
  2. Then, when you get home, fill the bottle with the skin oil and put the cap back.
  3. Now you are ready to spray your cowhide with this oil. 
  4. After this application brush the hair in the same direction the hair grows.


Now you have a beautiful Cowhide but next time, buy your Cowhide at a recognized website.


I know the process Decohides follows and it is one of the best I ever see in my 10 years working with leather. Your best option will be buying a Cowhide for Decohides.