Not so sure about a Cowhide Rug in my floor!

Thank you for visiting our Cowhide Blog again. If you are new to Cowhides, here you will clear up any doubts. Besides, you become familiar with it uses and care, and definitely become a fan.

As a curious note, most of our customers are first-time cowhide buyers. So, it is normal if you are unsure about where to place a Cowhide Rug in your home.


Cowhide at the bathroom

Cowhide Tips

To start, think about the colors in your house, your living room, bedroom, patio and why not, your bathroom! Now, look at all the colors we have available in our Cowhide Rugs. You could try matching colors or something way different, like our metallic devorè gold ones.


Try it in different areas in your house, try every area, look at our pictures. In essence, you can have your Cowhide Rug in your kitchen by the breakfast table, in your bathroom, in your patio, in your home office or, if you are not that bold yet, your living room will always be a right choice.


Many people think that Cowhides are only for western inspired decoration. Not at all! Although cowhide rugs are widely used in western ambiances they are becoming more popular in modern decor styles.


Still not fully comfortable having an animal skin laid in your floor?


Then try decoration accents like cushions and ottomans, they look very elegant and you can mix & match with other modern accents.


We recommend always looking at Decohides Pinterest boards or Instagram. In fact, they are filled with great ideas using cowhides for decoration. In this way, you will get inspired and look for the best item (a Cowhide Rug, a cushion or an ottoman) from our selection and start trying new things in your home.


I hope this short article helps to light up your love for Cowhide Rugs and decorative accents. I invite you to keep coming back for more useful information and for our soon-to-go-live product: DecohideS-tyle, our stylish wall covering system!